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Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is a commitment to breaking the barriers of poverty through sustainable human development of the underprivileged women and girls affected by poverty, abuse, gender-based violence, diseases and other natural calamities. The vision of the Mwazwe Foundation is based on building communities through empowering underprivileged women and girls by improving their livelihood through appropriate and affordable alternatives such as skills, financial and material support.


Ways We Help



Children at large face problems such as peer pressure, lack of parental guidance, the drunkenness of parents or guardians, anger, divorce by parents, HIV and AIDS. The foundation has come in to help where parents and the government are running behind by offering girls counselling and giving them skills.


“Girls awareness," and demand for Human Rights in terms of reproductive systems as well as abuse is vital and reinforced by the Mwazwe Foundation. It is necessary that women and girls are aware of their right to education and girl power. “My Body, My Right," is taught to every girl supported by the foundation.

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This is still a major challenge and a threat to the economy for many people in Zambia especially girls and women are at high risk of contracting the disease due to not having a say on their bodies. Hence the Mwazwe Foundation is to facilitate and sensitize its women and girls on Human Rights, the use of alternative measures such as condoms, HIV tests and affordability counselling.

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